30 Nov 2011

How To Cure Toothache - 12 Hour Toothache Cure

How To Cure Toothache

How To Cure Toothache - Most individuals have suffered from a toothache and oftentimes they don't know how to get rid of the annoying and unbearable pain, especially while trying to go to sleep at night. And there are times when you cannot get in to consult a dentist immediately so you don't have a choice but to struggle and wait for the pain to go away on its own. Fortunately, there are ways on "how to cure toothache" that you may want to consider, it may not permanently make your toothache go away but these methods can temporarily alleviate you from the pain.

1. Water with Salt

One of the causes of toothache is infection and gargling with salt water can effectively wash out the infection, relieving the tooth pain.

If you find salt water too harsh to take by mouth, you can dip a wet cotton swab in salt and hold it on the infected area. Hold it there for thirty seconds and rinse your mouth very well.

2. Brush Teeth

Another effective method on how to cure toothache is to brush your teeth very gently. Brushing your teeth and gums may temporarily alleviate the pain and it is very helpful in eliminating any sugars that could be aggravating it. Also, brushing can also remove any food particle that could have stuck in your teeth which brings about the pain.

3. Ice Pack

If your tooth is not too sensitive to heat or cold, using a small ice pack on the side of your mouth can do the trick. This treatment will temporarily help numb the pain, providing you with momentary relief from the pain and soothing any swelling in your face. If in case, cold irritates your tooth even more, you can try a heating pad instead on the side of your face for a short period of time.

Remember once your tooth aches, you need to make an appointment with your dentist immediately. These ideas on "how to cure toothache" are only meant to provide you with temporary relief.

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