4 Dec 2011

Natural Ways How to Cure a Toothache

Natural Ways How to Cure a Toothache

The information provided here will show you methods that will allow you how to cure a toothache naturally. Tooth pain is not something that you put to the back of your mind. The pulsating pain from the toothache ensures that it is the only thing that you can concentrate on.

Let us first look at the major causes of toothache before we move on to the methods of treating tooth pain without having to go to your dentist.

Did you know that millions of people are walking around with some degree of gum disease? Most people are oblivious of this fact. There is no doubt that we consume more sugar today, than we have ever done in the past. If you can cut back on the amount of sugar that you eat, your teeth will thank you for it by giving you less problems.

Everybody knows that eating fruit provides many health benefits. Fruit does give you lots of vitamins which your body needs to function in a healthier way.

The thing is that particular fruits can be very damaging for your teeth. This is because certain fruits are very high in acid, and it is this acid which can wear away the enamel on your teeth and damage them. Always brush your teeth after consuming fruit, to get rid of the acid.

Here Are Some Methods 'How to Cure a Toothache' Naturally

Oil of cloves is one of the most effective means of relieving tooth pain quickly. It is inexpensive and can be purchased at any pharmacy. Dip a small piece of cotton wool in the oil and apply it to the tooth that is causing the pain. You will see a reduction in pain once the oil has sank into the gum.

Ice can be helpful in some cases. However do not place ice against the actual tooth, as this will probably increase the pain. Use an ice pack and place on the side of the face where the bad tooth is.

Make a small mixture of salt and pepper and then apply it with your finger around the gum where tooth that is causing you pain is. The effects of this can be felt fairly quickly.

Chewing on a raw piece of onion can also be regarded as a natural tooth pain remedy. The juice of an onion is said to have anti-bacterial properties, and can help to relieve the pain temporarily.

These natural cures for toothache have helped many people how to cure a toothache, However id your tooth is severely damaged, you will have no choice but to visit a dentist at some stage. On the other hand, if the tooth pain is not extreme, the chances are that you can sort it out yourself, and once this is accomplished, start looking after your teeth more. If truth be told, you can cure a toothache naturally, which saves giving all your money to your dentist.

It is not alaways possible to visit a dentist. However you can get some relief through using a natural tooth pain remedy find out how to cure a toothache with this 12 Hour Toothache Cure by Diane Puttman.

3 Dec 2011

How To Cure A Toothache From Starting

How To Cure A Toothache

Prevention is the best answer to how to cure a toothache from even starting. Preventing toothache is not something that is difficult to achieve. Since we were kids, we are taught the importance of good oral hygiene.

Below is a list of childhood rules (well, advices) that we often heard from our parents as ways to prevent that excruciating toothache pain!

1. Brush Your Teeth. - Since we were kids, we always hear our mommies saying "brush your teeth before you sleep." There is truth to this. And as your dentist would suggest, it is important to brush your teeth every after meal. Brushing helps remove food particles lodged in between teeth and gum areas, and prevent plaque build up. Plaque sticks to the surface of your tooth with which bacteria feeds on.

2. Floss. - Don't forget to floss between your teeth using dental floss. What brushing could not remove between teeth, the floss can do that for you! Flossing helps prevent gum disease by hard to remove food particles and bacteria particularly at the gum lines.

3. Too much candy is bad. - Sugary food like chocolates, candies and pastries can directly cause toothache. A sweet diet contains as a lot of carbohydrates which is the home of microorganisms. This kind of sugary environment allows rapid growth of bacteria and eventually causes tooth decay.

4. Load up on your vegetables. - An improper diet prevents our bodies from functioning at its optimum. Necessary vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids are all essential in promoting overall health wellness. A deficiency in certain vitamins can cause our gums to become soft and swollen. Extreme vitamin C deficiency is the cause of Scurvy, a condition wherein the gum area becomes soft, swollen and bleeds. Advanced gum problems cause damage to the tooth and bone area.

5. Drink your milk. - Milk is an excellent source of calcium, and calcium is essential for teeth and bone development. It is important that we have enough calcium to keep our teeth and bones healthy and strong. Deficiency on this would lead to porous teeth and weak gums, making us susceptible to gum diseases and eventually, toothache.

6. Hold off that cola. - A number of beverages proved to be harmful to our teeth and among of them is soda and cola. These drinks have high pH level that they tend to stain and erode our teeth. They also make our teeth weak and permeable. A variety of other drinks, like Lemon Juice, juices with citric in nature, and specific kinds of teas, can directly contribute to teeth weakening.

7. Say hello to your dentist. - Drop by your dentist's office and have those pearly whites taken care of! It is advisable that we get that thorough cleaning at least once a year, twice the better. Let's not assume that brushing, flossing and using mouthwash alone can remove all the plaque build up.

We all know that toothaches are caused by more than just dental cavities, but following the above tips would help us reduce our risk of experiencing toothache pain by at least half. Let's remember that maintaining a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and stress-free outlook can help us avoid any ailment, including toothache.

Let's make sure that we load up on our organics and get plenty of rest. Sleeping soundly is also one good advice from our moms that we should not forget.

To find out how to stop a toothache before it even starts and get information and advice on home remedies for toothache, to stop toothache in its tracks go to 12 Hour Toothache Cure.

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1 Dec 2011

Best Painkiller for Toothache

Best Painkiller for Toothache


Toothache is the pain caused by an inflamed pulp or better known as the tooths nerve chamber. Anyone who got a toothache will not think twice of getting the best painkiller for toothache if only to have an instant relief as it is no joke to entertain a lingering tooth pain. Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug or NSAID like Ibuprofen is best for toothache provided one has no allergy to the medicine. One can also try Opiate-based analgesics upon prescription by the dentist.

In looking for the best painkiller for toothache, one can obtain some over-the-counter pain relievers such as Anacin Bayer Bufferin Ecotrin aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid which is a NSAID.

The NSAIDs which are the "best painkiller for toothache" are at times linked to increase in blood pressure; cause of stomach bleeding that may result to death; and erectile dysfunction, among others. Thus one should take extra care to take only the recommended dosage.

One of the best painkiller for toothache are clove oil. Just a dab will do - abode it on affection brawl and administer anon assimilate the aching tooth. Abysm oil contains eugenol, an accustomed painkiller and antibacterial.

Whiskey also the "best painkiller for toothache". Not abounding humans apperceive about this one. If you are old abundant you can abode a bit of whiskey in a cup, absorb it about in your aperture and discharge it out again. This causes a algid aftereffect in your aperture and reduces toothache pain.

We also can use Ibuprofen, get the supermarket brand ones as they're much cheaper. As someone said good thing with those is that you can take them as well as paracetamol so you get a double dose of pain relief though you might find the Ibuprofen good enough on their own.

The other way to stop painkiller for toothache is buy some orajel, it's an excellent pain relief along with paracetamol. Just rub it around the gums by the offending tooth.

Other prescription pain relievers are Percodan oxycodone HCl oxycodone terephthalate and aspirin; Oxycontin 40 oxycodone HCl; RMS MS Contin morphine sulfate which may be one of the strongest pain relief medicine available; Duragesic Fentora Actiq fentanyl; Dilaudid (tabs) and Palladone (caps) hydromorphone hydrochloride or dihydromorphinone; and Opana Opana ER oxymorphone.

There are times when even the best painkiller for toothache will not work on an inflammation and the only recourse is to have the inflamed tooth pulp removed through pulp extirpation, a root canal stage 1 procedure that can stop the tooth pain much faster than any pain killer. The fastest way to stop the pain though is removal or extraction, that is, if there are no other choices left to save your tooth.

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