28 Nov 2011

How To Cure Toothache - Remedies For Tooth Pain

Home remedies for tooth pain are few and far in between but working solutions that can help fight off and even get rid of your pesky toothache do exist if you are willing to be patient and take the time to find the ones that actually work.

A toothache is a huge cause of concern for you because the pain may be unbearable and causing you to lead a life that is less fun and instead you spend more time in agony hoping and wishing that the pain caused your tooth ache will eventually go away.

The toothache may be causing stress in both your professional and personal life because you may miss time from work and may not be able to go out and eat since the thought of chewing a hard piece of food will send razor sharp pain trough your mouth causing you to cringe in agony. On the bright side it is important to know that home remedies for tooth pain do exist.

In this article I will go into the advantages and disadvantages of a few toothache remedies in order to help you choose the right remedy that can get rid of your toothache as soon as possible and help you get back to living a pain free and comfortable life again.

Some "home remedies for tooth pain" include using house hold items such as garlic and onions in combination to get rid of the pain associated with the toothache. By cutting a quarter piece of garlic and chewing it for twenty to thirty minutes you can help temporarily get rid of the your toothache.

Garlic contains antibacterial properties that can work to break down the bacterium that is the source of your pain. Also by chewing a clove of garlic daily you can improve your dental health because your teeth will constantly be in contact with the antibacterial contents of the garlic and will work to reduce the pain now and make sure no future cavities can form given you a less stressful and toothache free life.

However the relief will only be temporary since the garlic does not get to the root of the problem and you will also have very bad breath due to the garlic which can be embarrassing at times if you are a guest speaking or have a job that involves talking to many different people face to face throughout the day.

Overall garlic is a decent choice for when it comes to home remedies for tooth pain but better options exist.A great method which acts as a home remedy for toothache is your diet. As simple as it sounds diet plays a big role in how often you will get a toothache and how severe the pain will be. During your ache avoid eating hot or cold food because it will only make the pain you are experiencing worse. Stick to eating soft food that can be easily digested and won.

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