"Completely Cured My Toothache Pain"

Dear Diane,

I have been searching for a natural cure like this for as long as I can remember. I'm so glad I happened upon your website. In the past I had resorted to over-the-counter numbing gels to help curb my toothache pain but they never worked as well as I'd hoped. I also didn't want to be taking prescription pills. I've heard so many horror stories about those.

Anyway, I'm excited to report that your program completely cured my toothache pain the very first day and it hasn't been back since. Thank you so much for helping me out.

Best Regards,

Jenna Dyer
Los Altos, CA


"You're A Lifesaver"

Finally, something that really works! I cannot thank you enough for sharing this priceless information. You know how it is when you’ve coped with tooth pain and sensitivity for so long. I have to retrain myself to chew on the right side of my mouth again, because I have been compensating for so long by avoiding contact with anything as way of avoiding the pain. You’re a lifesaver!


Bend, OR


"I Will Promote Your Site To All My Friends"

Ms. Puttman,

I have not been to the dentist in over two years! Not because I don’t need to go. But, they have ripped me off more times than I can count. I actually had to make payments because the work they did was so much more expensive than my insurance coverage. I felt taken advantage of and still had a toothache.

So, I tried your book thinking that at least I could get my money back if it didn’t work. Now I think I will promote your site to all my friends and put that overpriced dentist out of business!

Thanks again,

Randall Pink
Denver, CO


"Relief I've Been Searching For"

Hi Diane,

I just wanted to thank you for your natural remedies book. Until now I had spent a lot of money on numbing gels and a lot of work avoiding all of my favorite foods (chocolate, coffee, ice cream…) Your book gave me the answers and relief I have been searching for. Now, I don’t have any tooth pain and I am making up for lost time with all the foods I have been missing out on.


Rose McCallen
Rapid City, SD


"Quick And Painless"

Dear Diane,

I think this book should be required reading for all dental school students! Your natural remedies are quick and painless. But most importantly, they work. Thanks for providing me with what no one else could, relief and a pain free coffee break.


Jim Fuller
Atlanta, GA 


"The Only Relief I Have Found"

Dear Diane,

I am sure you get a ton of emails about your book. But, I had to write and tell you how grateful I am that I stumbled upon this information. Believe me when I say that I have tried everything to get rid of my toothache. The worst was the toothache gum. Not only did it taste terrible, but it dissolved in my mouth and smelled bad too! Can you believe that, a gum that gives you bad breath.

Your book is the only relief I have found. I read things I had no idea about, like the fact that my toothache was an indicator of other health problems. Thanks again for providing access to this info.

Gus Evans
Baton Rouge, LA

Cure You Toothache Now,